Our Purpose

We help our clients and the community in areas of business, life and health through media that entertains, creates awareness, builds reputation and introduces opportunity.

At Know My Group we see the importance of association to influence and ultimately lead to the opportunity. Our work in film media crosses multiple industries through our shows. Each of these is an objective balance between news, awareness and education.

Our staff are experts at taking concepts through a journey to a landing point seen positively by the audience. We measure success and see every engagement as a production leading you to influence and gain reputation.

Our Shows

A word from our Founder

When my business journey started, I wasn’t looking to help others build their reputation. Like most people in business I assumed it took a lifetime to build one and lose one within minutes. The journey our business have taken over the past few years has been carefully planned and we’ve created a presence through film and social media that has increased awareness, credibility and business opportunity for us. So from our own outcomes, we decided to offer ways that we have been successful to any size business, not for profit, NGO, research/education institute or even celebrity.

My vision is the world builds better connections in business, community, family and health. Media is my passion and through film and writing we can better connect with our audience and the people we admire.

Mr Hardeep Girn

Founder, CEO and Executive Producer/Director