Enterprises need to find a role they play in society beyond just the services and products they sell. The same also applies, if not to a greater extent in the Executives running the organisation. Finding purpose and cause distinguishes you from others, both within the company and outside it.
We use media to position your organisation and your Executive messaging to the right audience so that we help you create awareness, influence and opportunity. Purpose creates interest – we just embed it within original content.

Step 1: Getting Positioned

The key to being ready for media and reaching new opportunity is knowing your market positioning and the key outcomes you’re seeking. We help you put these together and get the foundation right to move to Step 2.

Step 2: Creating Presence

In today’s fragmented market, don’t limit yourself or your brand to a single channel. We help you create media presence that reaches the audience you seek to influence and bring closer to your message.

Step 3: Influence and Reputation

We create associations with individuals and organisations of influence when producing our media content. By working with us and introduced parties, we can create outcomes that can raise your profile either as a Enterprise or as an Executive.


Produced by Know My Health

Australian Health Journal

SECTOR: Healthcare Industry
Distribution: Online each month
Format: 30 Minutes (5% News Headlines, 5% Healthcare Professional Profile, 30% x 3 segments )
Audience: Healthcare Industry and Educated Consumers

Latest Episode

Clinical Trials in Australia (March 2019)


SECTOR: Healthcare / Patient Stories
Distribution: Online and every 2 months from March 2018
Format: 30 Minutes (75% Entertainment, 25% Educational)
Audience: Mass market consumers interested in recovery (health, financial, marital, addiction) and awareness of treatments
Pilot Episode


SECTOR: Industrial Design, Manufacturing, Automation Technology
Distribution: Online and every 3 months from August 2018
Format: 30 Minutes (5% News Headlines, 5% Manufacturing (Individual) Profile, 30% x 3 segments)
Audience: Manufacturing and Industrial businesses, Government departments and education/industry training centres

Produced by Know My Business

Our Purpose

SECTOR: Mission, vision, values and culture within the organisation and work places

Taken Up

SECTOR: Social and Business Change

State Service Experience – Service NSW


Produced by Know My Life

World Made Good

SECTOR: Causes and Corporate Social Responsibility

International Women’s Day with Melissa Binkley

Dignity with Actions – for the homeless

PCYC At risk youth breaking the cycle

Polio Eradication:
The Pioneer Who Created Heroes